Mindfulness and Therapy

Many people lead a very stressful life and have difficulties to cope with it.

Research has shown that every day, ¼ of million people miss work because of stress, with 75% of all illnesses thought to be Stress-related.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment and intends to help people become more aware of their thoughts and feelings so they can make decisions skilfully and appropriately and learn to better manage them, therefore feel calmer, and make better choices.

Mindfulness skills will boost the immune system, increase attention level and allows being your true self.

If you struggle with stress and anxiety, find it hard to relax and calm your mind, feel sometimes overwhelmed or depression, suffer from PTSD, or the symptoms of trying to cope, mindfulness therapy will teach you skills and you will learn how to change your relationship to your distress.

Research Study has shown that Practising Mindfulness Meditation is proven to help:

Insight into emotions,

Increases attention and concentration,

Improves relationships/ couples conflict

Enhances cognitive function and focus,

Decreases Stress, Improves Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, and Addictive Behaviour and can even have a positive effect on Physical Problems such as Hypertension, Heart Disease and Chronic Pain.

Mindfulness Therapy

The purpose of mindfulness therapy is to teach you how you can be more fully aware and present in each moment of your life and without judgement. This means whatever you are facing, even if it is unpleasant, can be acknowledged and accepted. You will develop the ability to skilfully choose and manage your reaction to them.

Learning mindfulness  may bring on feelings of relaxation or it may not, you may find that initially it can feel a bit stressful. It may bring up concerns to the surface. What we are learning is how to deal with difficulties by changing our reactions and our relationship to them in an empowering way. It is helpful to understand that mindfulness is a mental discipline and is like ‘building a muscle by training it to be stronger’, this takes practicing until it becomes an authentic part of you.

As you become mindful, you will start to feel better about yourselves and about your life, which is great; however with being mindful it is not about feeling a certain way. Being mindful is about seeing. This seeing is done with our whole being.

Mindfulness is about seeing who you are. It’s about seeing what’s going on right here and right now, moment to moment. Observing, watching, noticing out thoughts and experiencing ourselves as we are, accepting everything about yourselves with kindness. The  reward is empowering, also it may take courage at first.

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