The value of Psychological Counselling and Stress related issues

This Article was featured in Hadley Wood News (March 2014)

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Mindfulness and Therapy

Many people lead a very stressful life and have difficulties to cope with it. Research has shown that every day, ¼ of million people miss work because of stress, with 75% of all illnesses thought to be Stress-related. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment and intends to help people become […]

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On Mind and Body Connection

Our thoughts can have an impact upon our body, and our body can have an impact on our thoughts. Sometimes we find it difficult to express emotions which then can have an impact on our body. It is vital to build a bridge linking mind and body. Mindfulness Counselling can create awareness and change, a stronger mind and a stronger body. Studies have shown that when we become aware […]

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On happiness

To be happy or content, we must be at peace with ourselves; inner peace develops when we are self-confident. To become self-assured, self-aware and self-confident, reflection is necessary, like becoming an observer of the self.

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About Postnatal Depression (PND)

There are two forms of Postnatal Depression (PND) 1. Situational PND is caused by additional pressure after birth when the mothers or fathers existing situation is not supportive. For example, women may struggle with the life changes they experience. 2. Hormonal PND as well as enlargement of the thyroid leads to either over-active glands  which causes anxiety, increased heart rate, and palpitations; […]

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About Acceptance

Once we accept uncomfortable thoughts/feelings they often disappear. You could be like a scientist observing your feelings and thoughts without getting emotional involved. We can only accept negative thoughts and feelings when we know exactly what is happening and why. We need this insight, only then we can take control. Taking control is not running away […]

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On Self Care

Early childhood relationships have an impact on the ability how we care about our self. When there is neglect, deprivation, when the child is not being noticed or is abandoned, or when the child’s carer is not emotional available to them; the child will learn to feel bad about herself, or not good enough; and this can lead to depression, anxiety and even self harm […]

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“Christine has been working from the clinic at Hadley Wood Healthcare as a Psychological and Holistic Counsellor for a good few years now. Her professional knowledge and personal interest in her subject is an inspiration. At our annual in-house integrated health seminar Christine always presents a fascinating talk and draws on numerous clinical examples to […]

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About Anger

Anger is a painful state of mind. Our inner peace disappears and our body becomes tense and uncomfortable. If we are able to recognise a negative thought before it develops into full-blown anger, it is not too hard to control, and anger can not be bottled up and turned into resentment. Repressing occurs when anger […]

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How to stay well or get better

1 Do things that brings you a sense of fulfillment joy and purpose, that will validate your worth.See your life as your own creation,and strive to make it a positive one. 2. Pay close and loving attention to yourself turning into your needs on all levels.Take care of yourself, nursing, supporting and encouraging yourself. 3. […]

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