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Are you  worried, stressed, suffer from low self esteem, psychological pain or other health conditions?  Do you feel anxious or depressed?

Is your energy depleted?

Feelings are a form of energy that need to be understood, then accepted and released before issues can be resolved!


The service I offer will help you with:

  • Anxiety, anxiety disorders, social anxiety
  • Relationship Issues (work or home)
  • Depression
  • PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorders)
  • Stress/Phobias
  • OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Worry
  • Loss & Grief
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Self-criticism
  • Anger
  • Shyness, Low Confidence and Low Self Esteem Issues
  • Consuming and repetitive, unhelpful negative thoughts
  •  Tension related pain (see my article ‘About Being Mindful’)


My Counselling will help you:

  • Have a more positive self perception
  • Value the person you are
  • Enhance your relationships with others
  • Move on from negative past experiences
  • Have a better self understanding & what’s important to you and your values
  • Release and resolve stress related issues
  • Develop better ways of coping, allowing you to live the life you deserve
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Finding again what life means to you and its purpose
  • Have a positive effect on your physical problems such as hypertension, heart disease, chronic pain
  • To realise that it is good enough to be you in any situation and that you deserve to feel good about yourself
  • Addressing your Values associated with relationships and identity, for you to rediscover your emotions by helping you to connect with your self, using Mindfulness skills




My name is Christine and my counselling is aiming to help you gain back your natural state of being, such as confidence and self esteem.

My aim is helping you to understand your own issue, accepting it, because you learn to understand the reason what is happening and why, and then to release this feeling of distress.

I work with the person as a whole  (Mind, Body & Spirit) and believe that everyone has their own unique perception of the world.

Sometimes in our life, worries can be a source of great distress, linked to anxiety, social isolation, depression,  relationship problems, chronic health issues such as pain or intense self-consciousness (just to name a few). Often people feel particularly isolated when friends and family seek to reassure them without understanding the depth of unhappines which they are feeling.

Talking to someone when you are distressed and explore how you feel  in confidence and who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am an experienced  qualified registered integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I hold a DBS Enhanced Certificate and I am an approved BUPA Mental Health Therapist.

I have taken a number of post graduate courses, seminars, online events and book studies for my ongoing professional development, these include:
Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT); Positive solution focused therapy; Integrated health study; Enabling children to speak about feelings through the arts; Using the arts to improve parent-child mental health (The Centre for Child Mental Health); Motivational dialogue training to change motivation; Unpacking attachment and its place in psychotherapy; CBT module, as in BSFT (Behavioral Solution Focused Therapy for Difficult and Complex Issues); CBT module, Working with Anxiety and Eating Disorder;Behaviour family therapy; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy;Teaching Clients to use Mindfulness Skill; Anger, Rage & Relationship; The Essence of Change; Trauma & Recovery; Transactional Analysis in all Shapes and sizes; Integrating Mindfulness with CBT in treating Anxiety; Raising awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome; Rage & Shame; Working with Couples using Carl Rogers 6 Conditions; Getting engaged therapeutically with couples; Gestalt therapy in Anxiety; Anxiety: How can therapy help, working positive solution focused; Studies in using and teaching Mindfulness in Therapy,

I have most recently gained a BPS approved Certificate in Third Wave CBT.   (all third wave approaches  come from different traditions as in CFT (compassion focused therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) where the linking intervention is Mindfulness). The Third Wave CBT approach incorporates Mindfulness and techniques within a therapeutic process using the concept of compassion and the concept of flexible attention and acceptance. The Third Wave CBT approach is empowering and improves the quality of individuals to live a meaningful life that is positive.

The Third Wave CBT approach has shown to help with:

  • depression and anxiety,
  • stress
  • self compassion,
  • fears of compassion
  • shame, guilt and self-criticism
  • difficulties in regulating emotions which can lead to
  • self harm
  • difficulties with stress intolerance

With compassion for your wellbeing I work intuitively using third wave CBT techniques, teaching  you Mindfulness skills and use Meditation, Relaxation and Tapping techniques all individualised to your issues and needs as appropriate.

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Service Times & Directions

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12:30 pm, 5:30 pm

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Sunday: 9:00am, 7:15pm

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